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Hello, my name is Beth K. Freeburg and I am the owner of BKF Bridal Wholesale Trade. We represent Eddy K. Collections on the West Coast. I have been in the bridal business for nearly 17 years. My family owned 3 bridal shops at one time and with my mother (finally) retiring at the age of 74, my sister is now holding the fort down with one location on France Avenue in Edina, Minnesota. Minnesota is my native land. I lived their till 2013 and still frequent (through the summer months) to visit family, friends and manage my rental property. Due to my childhood, it wouldn’t be a surprise to tell you I love boating, fishing, traveling and have a passion for cooking. Before venturing out in to the manufacturing side of bridal, I ran one of my mother’s salons and with my education she utilized me in marketing and business management. In other words, and in much shorter terms “I understand your business and have a passion for what I do!”  I run my current business, BKF Bridal Wholesale Trade, with you (the retailer) in mind. I try to connect with my business partners by sharing promotion ideas, struggles in the market, inventory control, strong buys, and strategies to attain profitable margins. My background allows me to speak your language and/or assist new or struggling bridal business owners in implementing their ideas and give respectful constructive guidance. BKF Bridal Wholesale Trade also offer social media support and personalized video content to support your investments. It’s so crucial to me that all my retailers know that I work for them and that BKF Bridal Wholesale Trade’s intention is to go well beyond “the sales rep.” After 8 years in bridal manufacturing and a big move to Redondo Beach California, I am thrilled to be working side by side with Eddy K. Collections on the West Coast. I look forward to the time we will meet and develop an equal business to business relationship. We have so much to talk about!


Beth Freeburg 

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