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          Dare to Dream 

with Eddy K. Collections

Are you ready to Dream with Eddy K's 2017 "Dream Collection"? If you believe you're a key bridal retailer and you feel like you're a perfect fit for our Top 7 performing gowns - Aires, Fiji, Marina, Isla, Sicily, Corsica, & Isandra to be in your store for 2-3 weeks time & have your brides fall in love, than this is the perfect opportunity.


Dare to DREAM with Eddy K. Collections and want more information on this amazing opportunity, please do not hesitate and contact us!

                            Beth Freeburg & Arianna Nolasco

Email: beth@eddykcollections &

      Beth cell: (612) 702-3466 & Arianna cell: (310 )713-2405

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