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5 Ways to get more brides & to keep them coming!

1) Are you active on Social Media?

Social media builds a certain type of hype and excitement, especially when you include other people. For example, if you’re sharing a photo from a recent bride in your store and you captured that glow, then tag the couple and talk about their experience in your store, the magical process she went through. This primes your followers and gets them thinking, “I want to get MY wedding dress there, too!”

My current favourite social media platforms are Pinterest, Instagram, & Facebook! For instance Instagram is definitely my go to place to increase my business visibility! Brides want to work with vendors that are showing them the behind the scenes and they just want to know what you are up too, whats in your store. Most people will purchase something from you, if they connect with what you are offering. Your clients want to do business with real people and providing your life, coupled with your business, will grow a special kind of trust that will encourage them to work with you.

2) Answer Questions on Social Media

It’s very simple, but can be an incredibly effective way to find brides who need what you’re selling right now. If they’re asking a question? Answer it! Be sincere, let them know you can help. Social media builds trust and expands your reach.

3)Build your email list and stay in touch with your potential brides

Your email list and newsletter is also a great way to keep your business in the forefront of a bride’s minds. If you pop up in their inbox each week with helpful tips and advice, they’ll remember you the next time. For example their best friends getting married and they had a one of kind experience and your still in the back of their mind, they are coming to you! And then soon enough they will be at your door

4) Focus your Target Audience

It’s hard to grow anything when you’re marketing yourself and to stick out. We are constantly preaching about how important it is to target your target market. You’ll grow your business faster and be able to cater to your brides if you specialize in a certain area or niche. Don’t try to do it all! Your brand and store front should reflect this.

5) Dress to Impress!

You want the bride to just gravitate towards you, if you dress professional, classy, and you have a certain low to yourself that alone will make the bride feel comfortable and she will come to you with all the questions she has because you don't look like you know the bridal industry inside and out but you know it! Show that off to your bride, and seal the deal. Your Bridal store should have a certain type of image, first impressions say a lot.

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